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MISSEL: Multiple Sub Sequences Extractor for cLassification

November 2015

A new feature selection algorithm that is able to extract alternative and equivalent classification models has been released.

CAMUR: Classifier with Alternative and MUltiple Rule-based models

October 2015

A new classification technique that is able to compute multiple rule-based models has been developed.

LAF: Logic Alignment Free

April 2015

A new section and software for classifying biological sequences with alignment free techniques and rule based supervised methods.

Next generation sequencing reads comparison with an alignment free distance

September 2014

A new section and software for evaluating the similarity of ngs reads has been included.

Classification of constrained DNA elements

May 2014

A new section about classification of selectively constrained DNA elements using feature vectors and rule-based classifiers has been added.

Supervised DNA Barcoding

April 2014

Check out our new paper published in BioData Mining.

Supervised DNA Barcodes classfication

November 2013

A new procedure for DNA Barcodes sequences classification has been added to the software section.

Blog in China

November 2013

Blog and a new supervised approach to DNA Barcoding was presented by Emanuel Weitschek during the 5th International Barcode of Life Conference in Kunming(Yunnan, China).

New collaborators added

September 2013

We kindly welcome Fabio Cumbo and Giulia Fiscon on our website!

New software available

July 2012

The Cytoscape plugin BiNAT (Biological Networks Analysis Tool) has been developed by Fabio Cumbo.

New publications added

March 2012

New journal articles have been published.

New downloads added

March 2012

In downloads section you can find offline versions and data sets.

BLOG 2.0 is out

October 2011

Major improvements in BLOG have been done.

New collaborations added

June 2011

We are glad to announce the collaborations with ISS, the Italian Health Center, Rutgers Operations Research Center and the Statistics Department of University La Sapienza.

New publications added

April 2011

New research reports have been published.

BLOG 1.9 is out

January 2011

Major improvements in BLOG have been done.

New discretization procedure

November 2010

A new discretization procedure for numeric data sets has been implemented. Check it out.

GRASP 3 is ready

September 2010

The new feature selection algorithm is released.

New classification algorithm

September 2010

A new fine tuned classification algorithm is implemented.

BLOG 1.5 is online

September 2010

The new release of BLOG is now online. Major improvements have been done. Try it out.

BLOG is online

February 2010

The release of BLOG (Barcoding with Logic Formulas) is online.

New Website Launched

February 2010

Our new website is online. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

DMB in Mexico

November 2009

The dmb classification algorithms were presented in Mexico City.

DMB in the USA

November 2008

The dmb classification algorithms were presented in Chicago (USA).

Implementation of BLOG

November 2008

The BLOG application was implemented by Giovanni Felici and Emanuel Weitschek.

DMB design

June 2007

The alternative classification algorithms were designed by Paola Bertolazzi and Giovanni Felici.