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BINAT - Biological Networks Analysis Tool

The increasing availability of large network datasets along with the progresses in experimental high-throughput technologies have promoted the need for tools allowing easy integration of experimental data with data derived from network computational analysis. In order to enrich experimental data with network topological parameters, it has been developed the Cytoscape plugin BiNAT (Biological Networks Analysis Tool). The full integration with Cytoscape makes BiNAT fully compatible with all popular operating systems (NT and UNIX based OS) (cross-platform architecture). The plugin computes several network centrality parameters and allows the user to analyze these computational results in textual and graphical format. BiNAT allows identifying network nodes that are relevant from experimental and topological viewpoint. BiNAT is one of the few Cytoscape plugins that computes several centralities at once. In BiNAT, computed centralities can be easily correlated between each other in order to identify the most significant nodes according to topological properties. Functional to this capability is the scatter plot options, which allows easy correlating node centralities. BiNAT has been developed in Java under Eclipse IDE. It needs the Java Runtime Environment 7 for a proper functioning.



Below you can see a screenshot of a network created with Binat.


BiNAT client description: desktop and mobile
BiNAT Client is an IRC client with a fast and clean interface. It partially implements the client portion of RFC 1459 and it supports the same features of BiNAT Application described above. It is used to remotely control BiNAT application sending messages. Have been developed two versions of the software: desktop and mobile. BiNAT Desktop Client is an IRC chat program for Windows, Linux and MacOSX. The software was written in Java to ensure cross-platform compatibility. BiNAT Mobile Client is supported by Android devices only. The software has the same features as the desktop version. (It requires an active Internet connection). Formally, IRC is a real-time text-based multi-user communication protocol specification and implementation, which relays messages between users on the network. Each network is composed of one IRC server (integrated in BiNAT Application). The developed IRC clients are programs that connect to a given IRC server in order to have the server relay communications to and from the same server.